Who is Crank Conversion?

I am Mike Pierce, co-founder of Crank Conversion. My paid search career began at Google in 2004, and since early 2016, I have been serving as a Google Ads consultant. Below is a brief overview of my professional background.

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My Experience as a Paid Search Pro

I applied for a role on the Google Ads team (AdWords, at the time) right after college in 2004. After a phone screen I got a call letting me know that my interview process with Google wasn’t going to progress. I didn’t get the job.


A couple days later it turned out that call had been a mistake. I have no idea why, but man, I’ll take it. I spent the next ~6 years working on the Google Ads team, learning the ins and outs, and making a lot of friends and connections along the way.

I left Google in April of 2010 wanting to spread my wings a bit. I worked at several startups in Silicon Valley like Kabam, Lumo Body Tech, and Gyft over the next six years. This exposed me to more marketing channels like email, affiliate marketing, and SEO. However, my heart was in paid search.

Crank Conversion was started in January of 2016 as an opportunity for me to focus solely on paid search for my clients. All these years later I’m enjoying the work, the relationships I have with my clients, and I hope to continue indefinitely.

My Values


I’ll tell it to you straight, including the bad news. If I make a mistake I’ll own and rectify it.


Your data is your data. You’ll always have full insight into what you’re spending and what you’re getting. You’ll also always retain ownership of your account even after we part ways.


Paid Search is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each client’s needs are different, and I work tirelessly to achieve client goals.


I make data-driven decisions in order to drive max profit for your business.