Getting the most out of modern digital experiences – on your computer, tablet, phone, or watch – starts with layered pieces of code that track nearly every interaction with the device. Seems scary. If you are not careful it is. Yet with big sisters and brothers aside, the anonymous recording ultimately helps you to have a better experience on each device and with each company.

For the consumer tracking empowers analytics like recommendation engines (other users similar bought these similar products). For businesses it empowers bidding algorithms letting your message, service, and product appear in front of the correct audience more often. For the seller, it allows reporting and discussions about the quality of campaigns and pivots that need to be made.

If you can’t measure it, or a proxy of it, you will have a hard time justifying the dollars spent on marketing. And the burden of providing believable data and justification for activity (such as return on ad spend or investment) now falls on the budget owner or marketer to merit out.

Before any campaign is launched a specific set of metrics needs to be identified and tracking put in place. Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Optimizely, Crazy Frog, Adwords, Video, Social, Retargeting Pixels… and we have barely scratched the surface on the integration your website and campaigns may need.

Thankfully, for each service we offer, we start with an understanding of your key metrics and definition of success, give you a solid calculation of where together we can manage and optimize, and best of all we can help your team implement the tracking needed. The end result, better reporting and better decision making.

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